The Project (Eng)


Brief description

We are Building a nursery school in Soddo, south Ethiopia with the goal of encouraging the integral development of the children, giving them the possibility to become responsible citizens of their country and above all giving them hope for a better future.

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Building a Nursery school in Soddo Ethiopia

Detailed description

We are a charity who’s objective is the construction of a nursery school in Soddo , south Ethiopia. We have been involved by Zewdinesh, an Ethiopian woman that has lived in Italy for many years. She captivated us with her  dream that she had since she was a child.  Every child had to have the possibility to go to school.  Zewdinesh started working when she was just a child and couldn’t go to school because her family needed her help to survive. She only started going to school when she was a teenager and had saved enough money to pay for her education.


Requests and what we offer to say thank you

The goal that we have set is 75.000 euro of which 20.000 has already been collected with the personal initiatives of our small group of people working on this project.  The nursery school (kindergarten) that we plan to build will have 3 classrooms and washrooms, an administration office and a warehouse for school material that will be both donated and bought for 90 children as a start. With the funds we have raised so far, we are starting the first classroom and washrooms; as soon as we receive other funds we will complete the project.

For offers from to 1 to 40 euros, we will send a personal thank you letter by email.  We are deciding what to do for funds over these amounts.  The main reward is knowing we have made a difference in so many people’s lives.

Risks and challenges

The nursery school will be built in an outlying and underprivileged area from the point of view of road links due to the monsoon seasons and underdeveloped telecommunication network. The referent (local contact o administrator) and guarantor is the apostolic Vicariate of Soddo in the person of the Bishop and one of his personal representatives, that will keep us informed on the project advancement and relative  financial statements.


Construction s well under way for the first classroom. Below are some pictures of our progress. we still have a ways to go to finish all 3 classrooms.